Bethlehem College

Subject Selection

Current BC Students and Caregivers can make Subject Selections via the left-hand navigation Subject Selection then 'Subjects for Selection' during the time that the portal is open.  Once a subject is chosen, click "Select as one of my subjects". 


Year 9 (current Yr8) and Year 10 (current Yr9) will only need to select the 4 Options. All core classes will be automatically entered.

Year 11 (current Yr10) and Year 12 (current Yr11) will need to select 6 subjects in total. 

Year 11 (current Yr10) will choose 1 English, 1 Maths, and at least 1 Science in addition to their optional classes. 

Year 12 (current Yr11) will choose 1 English and 1 Maths and then their optional classes.

Year 13 (current Yr12) will choose 5 optional classes. 1 study line will be automatically entered.

SEQUENCE OF EVENTS For Currently Enrolled Students

August Initial selection of subjects

January next yearResults of NZQA qualifications published Course changes due to exam results
Course changes due to pre-requisites not met; changes due to subject unavailability

January next yearTerm starts


Seek God’s purpose for your life.

Psalm 139:13–16 tells us that God has created every person, and that includes you, a unique individual with unique talents and gifts. In Jeremiah 29:11 God tells us He has a plan for our lives.

Your choice of subjects and career paths is vitally important. You need to choose subjects thoughtfully and prayerfully. Talk with your parents, teachers and the career counsellors about your talents and gifts, and your future plans. Before you make your choices, ask yourself whether the subjects you want to take are helping you do what you have been gifted to do, and whether they are fulfilling God’s plan for your life.


The academic pathway for all students as they move from Year 10 through to Year 13 is to develop a solid foundation at each year level, so that the best possible pathway can be followed in later years.
Most subjects available in Year 10 can be taken in subsequent years. There are, however, several subjects introduced at Year 11 and Year 12, which build on subjects taken previously (e.g. Science can become Biology or Physics or Chemistry). Please note that most subjects require a level of achievement (pre-requisites) to be taken in the following year.

The teaching timetable is planned in advance, with decisions based on students’ initial choices. This will provide the most efficient timetable, and the best use of human and physical resources. Changes requested at the beginning of next year may not be possible. So, initial subject choices MUST be made carefully and realistically. Changes are accepted if there is a subject clash, subjects are unavailable, pre-requisites are not met or insufficient students opt for a subject. These students are allowed to change subjects at the beginning of the school year.

Please note, in particular, the pre-requisites for each subject. This will help you plan a realistic course for the following year.

Key considerations:

  • Students should aim for breadth and not specialise. They need to be able to adapt and change.
  • A true education prepares students to be a human being with depth and culture.
  • Seek advice from a wide a variety of people with different experiences as possible.
  • Check out some of the very helpful websites available.
  • Be realistic in your subject selection, but do not be afraid to pursue dreams.
  • Do not be influenced by friends into taking subjects just to be with them.


The Academic Deans, Careers Advisors and the Assistant Head of Secondary – Senior Curriculum are available to give guidance about your subject choices, so that your particular needs are met in the best way possible.

Year 7-9: Madeleine Lambert, Assistant Head of Secondary, [email protected]

Year 10-13: Joella Skilleter, Assistant Head of Secondary, [email protected]

Current Year 9: Simon Hayward, [email protected]

Current Year 10 & Year 11: Mike Goddard, [email protected]

Current Year 12: Michelle Johnstone, [email protected]

Careers: Anna Exelby, [email protected]


If you have a physical or learning disability, and require the assistance of a reader, writer and/or extra time to be able to attempt your Achievement/Unit Standards, you need to discuss this with the Special Education Needs Co-ordinator (SENCO) for special assessment conditions. NZQA and the College have strict rules for the application of Special Assessment conditions.


Reports will be sent home in Term 2, and after the start of Term 4. Parents will have the opportunity for a conference with staff in Terms 1 and 3. The in-depth report will indicate progress, subject specific skills, internal Unit/Achievement Standards completed and the level of achievement. The report will also show estimated achievements in external Achievement Standards.


All Y11-13 courses offer NZQA Standards. There are no longer NZQA fees for New Zealand residents. 

Additional costs required for individual subjects are stated against the subject.