Year 9 Subject Selection (Current Yr8)


How to Select a Subject on SchoolPoint

Use the left-hand navigation bar to select "Learning Areas - Start Here".

Click on "Year 9 Options Group 1" and "Year 9 Options Group 2". You may choose between 1 and 3 subjects in each option for a total of FOUR Options classes. 

Click on the subject, then click the button "Select as one of my Subjects"

Students are encouraged to choose an additional back-up subject.

Students may see what they have chosen by clicking on "View Selected Subjects".

NOTE: the system will require you to indicate your 'leaving destination' before any subject can be committed as a choice. You can do this either as the first step by clicking the Leaving Destination menu item on the left or waiting until you commit the first subject and you are stopped from doing so until you complete 'leaving destination'.

If you are returning then you choose the first option - 'Returning to Bethlehem College'

Academic Programme

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